Kmfdm - brimborium

Former KMFDM member Raymond Watts , last seen contributing vocals, programming, and production to 1988's Don't Blow Your Top [5] before starting his own band, Pig, [6] called Konietzko and asked if he would be interested in working on a small musical collaboration. [3] Konietzko agreed, and Watts flew to Seattle, where the pair, along with Schulz, worked on an EP entitled Sin Sex & Salvation . [3] Konietzko said of the trio's working together, "It was the breath of fresh air I had been hoping and waiting for. This short project took my mind off the problems with the KMFDM album and gave me a welcome change of perspective." [3] Watts then stayed on with the group to begin work on Nihil , [7] which featured a core group of Konietzko, Schulz, Watts, and Esch, along with some input from steel guitar specialist Durante [8] and drummer Bill Rieflin .

KMFDM - BrimboriumKMFDM - BrimboriumKMFDM - BrimboriumKMFDM - Brimborium