Mitsuki - quad

Like its predecessor, Bravely Second has summons that can be obtained after gaining the Summoner asterisk. All six summons return from the previous game, in addition to two new summons—Charybdis and Amaterasu.

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Tiz has a strong sense of duty to Agnès, wanting to protect her, a shadow of the cataclysm which took his brother whom he couldn't save from falling into the chasm. He's had trouble sleeping at night ever since the death of his younger brother during the destruction of Norende. Tiz's strongest desire is to repair Norende and restore a sense of normality in his life after having lost his home and family to the catastrophe. Tiz is an honest 'bumpkin' as described by Ringabel and Edea . Through his adventure, he and Agnès become close and rely upon each other.

Mitsuki - QuadMitsuki - QuadMitsuki - QuadMitsuki - Quad